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122. What have I done?

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I’m 10 days late. 10 days!

Well, no, it’s not really a surprise since I’ve been away from checking this site too and not getting any notifications via e-mail so I know that this seems like another resounding failure but I don’t want to see it that way. It will take me a few days to catch up, hopefully, if I don’t slack around too much.

And once again, I took no notes, with all the papers, notebooks and electronic devices I carry around so I will need to rely on my fuzzy memory to relate facts that happened these past days. Thankfully, not a whole lot happened, so I should be fine.

And tomorrow will be a new day…


121. So has it really been 5 years?

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On August 27, 2007 I had my first day at a new job. And because I was a new hire, I had to go through orientation. Most of the stuff seemed so irrelevant because I was supposed to work in the IS building and not in the medical areas. (In case you don’t know it yet, I work for a hospital.) Nevertheless, I went through the whole thing, happy to have finally something better than I had before, offering more stability and security and of course a much better salary.

Because of the difference of computer systems and the change in positions, I had a steep learning curve but I was nevertheless able to get kudos from management and directors after my first year of service. The following years were a mix bag of good and pretty bad in my opinion. I guess it wasn’t that bad since I’m still on the payroll. 🙂

On August 27, 2012 I reached 5 years of continuous employment and thus eligible to receive the coveted certificate and a bonus check. Only issue was that the date for the ceremony had passed and I had to wait for the next one in 2013.

A month ago, I received an email inviting me to the award ceremony on April 30, 2013. In our department, one employee was celebrating their 20th year and 3 others celebrate 5 years. So this past Monday, we gathered in the auditorium and celebrated employees having reached 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 40 years of service. At last I was going to get my recognition for all those long days, crazy overtime, insane on-call rotations and just plain work.

A reception was given afterwards with plenty of food and drinks, (no, no liquor) and the time to mingle with other employees. I did get my certificate and was really happy to finally hold it and see my name printed on it. It did feel good.

Once I got back to my desk, I felt a big void. I guess it was because that milestone was reached. I had been waiting for so long and now that it was a done deal, there is nothing really to wait or hope for than for the next step that would be in 2017 for my 10th anniversary.

I think that the reason this is such a big deal for me is that I was able to make it to this point when there have been times where I felt thisclose of being fired. I’m not saying that it still can’t happen but this happens to be the longest continuous position I’ve ever held. I guess it comes with getting older…

I am 4 months away from my 6th anniversary. Only 4 more to go before getting recognition for my 10th anniversary!

And tomorrow will be a new day…

120. Odds ‘n ends, pt. 3

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  1. I started writing a post about my 5 years at work and the recognition that came with it. Was lame; ended up in the trash.
  2. I’m still sore but I am still planning on going to the gym tomorrow morning. I didn’t get my bag ready so I’ll be scrambling in the morning to get everything together but I will go!
  3. May is here and it is going to be one heck of a hectic month. The culmination being my son’s birthday and his graduation from Pre-K. And he’s ready for Kindergarten!
  4. It is amazing how tastes changes, how feelings evolve and how stupid we feel when we realize how foolish we’ve been. Only to repeat the same foolishness over and over again.
  5. I wish I could travel and see some blogging friends. Some I have never met in person, some I haven’t seen in years. Maybe I should go back to my plans and change them a bit to see only a few closer bloggers. The southwest would be the best place to start I think…

And tomorrow will be a new day…